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Living in Limbo  |  documentary

The film follows a failed, middle-aged, American filmmaker in Germany trying one last time to make the leap from short film to feature film while immersing himself in the international film festival circuit.

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Markus Koepke

Starring: John Julian

· in development ·

Tarantino! The Musical?  |  comedy

Two actors are thrown into an emergency situation when a desperate woman demands their help in this fast-paced Tarantinoesque comedy.

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Oliver Theurich, Irina Gebauer

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Alex DePew

Starring: Marc Aden Gray, Daniel Brunet, Victoria Mayers-Gray

Unbreakable  |  documentary

Unbreakable follows three disadvantaged youths, an Afghan refugee, a disabled young woman and a teenage boy living with a life-threatening illness, as they momentarily put their hardships aside  for one common goal: scaling to the top of  an indoor climbing hall in Munich, Germany.

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Talile Abelt, Dominik Förster

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Nicholas Jackson

Limbo  |  drama

A grieving father struggling to deal with the death of his teenage daughter  comes face to face with her living doppelganger.

Writer: Amy Fruchtman

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Caprice Crawford

Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Nicholas Jackson

Starring: Wilfried Hochholdinger, Anne Alexander-Sieder, Irina Kurbanova


Language of Love  |  comedy

A confused man joins a support group looking for answers but leaves more confused than ever.

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, John Lambremont Jr., Vanessa Montserrat Wittenbeck

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Michael Plundrich

Starring: John Lambremont Jr., Christian Harting, Vanessa Montserrat Wittenbeck, John Julian, Telmo Branco, Corina Kinnear, Jennifer Nagy

Rewinder  |  sci-fi

After humanity's excesses have depleted the water supply, one man journeys to the past to secure his future.


Writers: Alexander Garms, Daniel Hettinger, Douglas Williamson

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Alex Pescosta, Oliver Theurich

Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: John F. McClellan

Starring: Jeff Yaworski, Wolfgang J. Fischer, Matilde Keizer


Courage  |  comedy

A man struggling to overcome his nervousness with women in a bar stumbles upon words of wisdom in the bathroom.


Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Oliver Theurich

Cinematographer: Markus Koepke

Starring: Christian Harting, Rebekka Mueller, Vanessa Montserrat, Nicole Meier,  Merle Fiona vor dem Gentschenfelde


Moments  |  drama

A story of love and loss and the enduring moments left behind.

Writer: Anne Alexander-Sieder

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Anne Alexander-Sieder

Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Nicholas Jackson

Starring: Anne Alexander-Sieder, John Julian


Keep Smiling  |  comedy

A man struggles to get out from under the mediocrity of his life when he comes face to face with a beautiful smile.

Writer/Producer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Michael Rathgeber

Starring: John Julian, Elisa Moolecherry, Hakan Yildirim

Time Flies  |  comedy

A young woman at a bar. A mysterious stranger sits next to her. A relationship forms that will change the course of time.

Writer/Producer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Korkut Akir

Starring: Jeffrey Yaworski, Irina Kurbanova, John Julian

Drive  |  drama

14-year-old Sophie is forced to take matters into her own hands when her parents become incapable of holding the family together.

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Producers:  Jean-Luc Julien, Walter Wudi

Cinematographer: Holger Fleig

Starring: Udo Wachtveitl, Pia Lautenbacher, Petra Einhoff, Sena Lou Niebling


The Fest  |  comedy

American tourist, Doggg, and his Japanese friend, Tak, have been planning this Oktoberfest trip to Munich for years. But now that Doggg's wife is on the verge of leaving him if he doesn't maintain his sobriety, Doggg faces the challenge of a lifetime.

Writers/Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Douglas Williamson

Director/Cinematographer: Jean-Luc Julien

Starring: Douglas Williamson, Yuki Iwamoto, Sabrina Hellmig

The Kiss  |  drama

Chronicling a day in the life of a broken man: a man looking for escape but ultimately discovering salvation from the lips of a magical woman. A journey between love and loss, hope and despair, life and death.

Producers: Jean-Luc Julien, Jeff Chong, Jefferson Edward Donald

Writer/Director: Jean-Luc Julien

Cinematographer: Jeff Chong

Starring: Henry Lide, Lisa Allison Engber, Amy Johnson

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